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          China Building Decoration Industry Leading international forward

          YASHA, China Building Decoration Industry Leader

          Zhejiang YASHA Decoration Co.,Ltd established in 1995, officially listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on March 23rd, 2010. Stock Name: YASHA Shares, Stock Code: 002375. Registered Capital: 1339.99 million RMB.

          YASHA is a high-end brand in architecture decoration industry in China, and it has been continuously leading the industry. YASHA has been working as a flagship of China Top 100 Building Decoration Enterprises and has been ranking No.2 for 14 consecutive years. YASHA is awarded as China’s Top 50 Architecture Green and Environment Protection Design Companies, China’s Top 500 Most Valuable Brands, China’s Top 500 Private Enterprise, and Top 100 Competitive Enterprise in Architectural Industry of China, Leading Enterprise in Zhejiang Architecture Decoration Industry, Top 50 Listed Enterprises in China’s SMEs, Excellent Information Disclosure Listed Enterprises in SMEs, and Listed Enterprise with Best Management Team. YASHA is the First High-tech Enterprise in the industry.


          YASHA is building a great industrial chain, primary focusing on interior and exterior decoration, curtain wall, design and construction, as well as landscaping, mechanical and electrical installation, building intellectualization, stone processing, etc., promoting the mode of “industrial production, processing mechanization, assembly construction”, forming a business related to all fields,  advancing a strategy of “specialization, scale production, popularization and internationalization ”.


          YASHA focuses on refined decoration for luxury hotels, public architectures and high-end residences, and also has been leading superiority in design and decoration of airport, transport station, commercial complex, bank and financial institution, hospital, art & culture center, etc., YASHA has an excellent reputation with exceptional credibility and quality in China’s Building Decoration Industry. By the end of 2019, YASHA has won 1078 National Awards, 2309 Provincial Quality Engineering Awards, as well as 3243 National Invention and Utility Model Patents (including 2258 patents in Industrialized Decoration). The number of awards and patents is the forefront of China’s Building Decoration Industry.