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            Group News2017/1/12

            YASHA Holding Awarded National High-tech Enterprise

            Group News2016/9/26

            Zhang Wei, general manager of YASHA was interviewed on Zhejiang TV

            In September, the world witnessed a perfect ending of G20 Hangzhou Summit. YASHA plays an important role in decorating the main venue for G20 Summit, as well as more than 10 designated hotels that presidents stayed in during the summit.

            Group News2016/9/22

            YASHA was the only one in industry that was honored as “G20 Hangzhou Summit Advanced Collective” in Zhejiang Summary Commendation Congress

            In the morning of September 20, Zhejiang Summary Commendation Congress of G20 Hangzhou Summit was held in Zhejiang Great Hall of the People, with around 1000 representatives from all walks of life attended.
            YASHA was honored as “G20 Hangzhou Summit Advanced Collective”.

            Group News2016/8/17

            YASHA Plays the Pivotal Role in Building the Luxury of Wynn Macao

            The Wynn Macao undertaken by YASHA successfully opened on August 22th, which is the second luxury comprehensive resort of Wynn brand located in Macao. There are 1706 elegant guest rooms and suites, offering guests the exceptional experience.

            Group News2016/8/15

            YASHA Landscape Won the 2016 Gold Award of Provincial Superior

            Recently, Zhejiang Institute of Landscape Architecture, Shaoxing Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and Shaoxing Institute of Scenic Spot and Landscape Architecture, respectively, have reviewed the landscape engineering of K. Wah Fuyuan Island B, which was constructed by Zhejiang YASHA Landscape Engineering Co.,Ltd.

            Group News2016/8/3

            YASHA General Manager Zhang Wei Greeted the Front-line Employees in High Temperature

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