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            Group News2016/7/25

            Ding Zecheng was crowned “Fashion Figure of Zhejiang Home Decoration and Household Industry”

            On July 23rd, the second session of the 4th general assembly of Home Decoration Branch of Zhejiang Architecture Decoration Industry Association, council meeting and the second session of household industry conference of Zhejiang architecture decoration industry were successfully held in Hangzhou.

            Group News2016/7/12

            YASHA Holdings Chairman Ding Xinxin Was Elected as Vice President of China Building Decoration Association

            On July 5, the 8th congress of China Building Decoration Association and the first meeting of council were held in Beijing conference center.

            Group News2016/6/30

            Successful Completion of Jiangsu Grand Theatre Stone Construction

            At 11pm on June 22th, YASHA was given an urgent job from the headquarters of Jiangsu Grand Theatre: 4000-square-meter stone construction must be finished before June 24th.

            Group News2016/6/28

            YASHA Won the Bidding of Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution Renewal Project

            YASHA has recently won the bid with 165 million Yuan to renovate the Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution, the only large comprehensive military history museum in the country.

            Group News2015/5/5

            13 billion! 1.2 billion! YASHA released 2014 annual report: 18% profit increase


            Group News2015/5/5

            YASHA has combined "Future +": "Future" is coming!